Event Submission
Event Submission

To submit an event for approval you must fill out the below form and register to the website.  After filling out the below form you will be redirected to a registration page.  Once registered and approved you'll be able to submit events for approval.  Upon approval you will receive an email stating that you have been added to the "Moderated Event Admin" role.  This means from that point on you may log into the website and submit an event for approval.  Below are the instructions for submitting an event for approval. 

After being added to the 'Moderated Event Admin' role (will be notified via email) go to the website and login.  Go to the "Home" page.  Roll over the pencil in the top right of the calendar and click "Event Planner Admin".  Then click the "Event Admin Menu" button and click on "Add New Event" If you do not see the pencil, click on the "Edit Page" on the top right hand corner.  Click on "Edit this Page".  You will then see the pencil on the top of the calendar.

Use the following steps to add an event

Click on "Event Details" Tab

  1. Skip "Event Sku" field
  2. Type in the name of your event in the "Event Name" field
  3. Skip "Attraction" field
  4. Type in your Event Name in the "Page Title" field
  5. Type in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords (these are words that individuals may use in search engines to find your event)
  6. Type in SEO description (same as above)
  7. Type in Event Summary - keep to one or two sentences
  8. Type in Event Description - please make sure you include
    1. Description
    2. Cost
    3. Registration (provide a website link to your registration page or phone number)  
  9. Skip "Event Color" field
  10. Skip "Event Font Color" field
  11. Skip "DNN Role" field
  12. Type in your contact phone number for this event in the "Event Contact Phone Number" field
  13. Type in your contact email address for this event in the "Event Contact Email Address" field

Click on the "Event Categories" Tab - select appropriate categories

Click on the "Event Location" Tab (you are not required to complete the following fields:  "Venue Latitude", "Venue Longitude", "Event Color" and "Event Font Color"

Do not add information in the "Event Registration" tab since registration will occur on your organization's website listed in your event description

Click "Save"

Once submitted the admin will get an email alert stating an event has been posted for approval.  Once approved or not approved you'll receive an email stating the status of the event submission.

Enter the code shown above in the box below